Guffey Mini Sessions {Family} . Part 1

Amy Guffey Family -107
Sit back and get cozy. We had about 7 families for mini sessions this past fall so we are splitting them into multiple parts. Conveniently enough, these two families just happened to be related! The two handsome guys in the back are brothers.
Amy Guffey Family -87
These three kiddos were so much fun to chase around and they came up with fun poses (ie so many handstands!)
Amy Guffey Family -79
Amy Guffey Family -9
Have I ever mentioned that I love photographing beautiful red hair, and this little lady rocked it!
Amy Guffey Family -21
The second mini session featured a bit of a bump, a baby bump that is!
2015 . Alex Guffey Family-59
By the way, did you check out her perfectly chosen jewelry? I adore fashionable mommas!
2015 . Alex Guffey Family-35
2015 . Alex Guffey Family-25
Alex, you are going to be a wonderful mother. You sweetness and kindness will go far with your little one.
Thank you Guffey’s for enjoying the afternoon with us!
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