The Shah {Family}

Shah Family -46

I love living in the city. Particularly because I live only miles away from beautiful parks like the one above. Forest Park is stunning all of the time, but even more so at sunset. I cannot express the importance of shooting during the golden hour (an after sunrise and before sunset). And this session will show you why I love the light during this time.
Shah Family -20
Most people adore the classic family photo with everyone looking at the camera and smiling. But that is not life. Life looks a little more like above and that makes me happy.
Shah Family -122
Purvi contacted me after the recommendation from a friend (shout out to Christine). And I’m so glad she chose us, as her family was a delight to work with!
Shah Family -100
And her son has the best smile!

See what I mean about the incredible light that happens during the golden hour!
Shah Family -13
Thanks Shah family for chasing a bit of light with me!


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