Fuhrmann {extended family} . Jewel Box

2016 . Fuhrmann Family -10

When grandparents travel over 5,000 miles to see their grandbaby, one must spend a few moment photographing the time together! We have seen Livia grow from a newborn to a sweet little girl. It was so special seeing the three generations together!

2016 . Fuhrmann Family -82

Vivian and Samuel are from Brazil and deeply miss their family while Samuel is taking classes at Concordia Seminary. So when Vivian mentioned that her family was coming to visit there was no doubt that we would want to capture this fun time!
2016 . Fuhrmann Family -74
Aren’t they the cutest. The loved spending time with their granddaughter.
2016 . Fuhrmann Family -71
2016 . Fuhrmann Family -61

2016 . Fuhrmann Family -36
Fuhrmann family, I have loved watching your little girl grow up, meeting your family and will miss you dearly when you go back to the land you love.
2016 . Fuhrmann Family -21


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