5 Ways to Encourage Others {Personal}

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Ways to encourage:

  • A little note. I adore handwritten notes, especially if they are beautifully designed. It shows that someone took the time to think of me, and these days that says a lot. So I challenge you, write a note to someone who has made an Impact on you!
  • Smiling with eye contact. For Pete’s sake, look up when you are walking around your workplace or school. Engage with those around you, not just your shoes or your cell phone. You have no idea of the hardship of those around you and a smile could simply make their day.
  • Unexpected beauty. This could could come in many ways: complimenting someone, buying flowers for a friend, or simply taking a walk with a friend. Beauty allows us to appreciate life more. It says that there is more than just your personal stressors. Life exists outside of your little bubble.
  • Serve. That task that your mom has nagged you to do (yes, mom, I just re-ordered my epi-pen script), the need that you see in your church, or something nice for your significant other – do those things. Serving softens your heart and blesses others.
  • Share and Listen. Opening up to another person is encouraging, that means there is mutual trust and compassion. This encourages each person and builds a deeper relationship.


Need some help? Here are a few easy practical steps to encourage others.


3 thoughts on “5 Ways to Encourage Others {Personal}

  1. Clara says:

    Number two gets me every time! When someone is talking to me and constantly looking down at their phone, I lose a lot of respect for them. It’s the worst! Great post =]

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