Lovely Links {Series}

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A weekly view on all of the links I deem awesome. It could range from really cool weddings/photo sessions, hopeful stories or general tips on business. Let me know which is your favorite in the comments section!

  1. Can we take a second and look at how beautiful these cookies are? Oh and I love how they match our branding!
  2. Have a long trip coming up? Listen to these business related podcasts.
  3. Who else adores washi tape?
  4. Oh hey, lady entrepreneurs, are you prioritizing joy?
  5. It is getting hot out there. Here are some tips to stay cool all day.
  6. With the rise in temperature, you might also see a rise in arguments. Try calming them instead.
  7. Live in an apartment and love displaying photos? Have no fear, I have a solution!
  8. Public speaking, friend or foe?
  9. I’m a sucker for beautiful typography.

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