Skylar {Newborn}

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This darling little lady refused to get cuddly and sleep during her newborn photos so get ready for a ton of bright-eyed baby faces!

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Sweet Skylar is now part of a great sorority of little sisters. A sister is a permanent best friend, yes, you might be vastly different but you will share multiple experiences that will bond you like none other. And Maddie is a great big sister. You can see more of her adorable personality here and here.

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Mom and dad are obviously smitten. Despite the sleepless nights and smelly diapers these two have huge smiles when talking about their two girls. And Skylar might end up being a daddy’s girl.

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Once in a while we get the opportunity to snap our camera at the perfect time to capture something rare and potentially hilarious. And Skylar, you did not disappoint. I guess she was just done with her photoshoot!

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In honor of Skylar, have a flipping good day!


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