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Alaina is my type of people. She prefers to work in the background and make things beautiful. This is evident by her eye for design and her deep passion for all things floral. Everything Alaina touches is gorgeous, we saw this first hand in our recent styled shoot and you get to learn a bit more about her and the fabulous business she owns.

Alaina - Accents Floral

(photo credit –Petite Fleur Studios)

Share a bit of the history of your business:
My floral business has two sides, we have a store front location & travel the Midwest for wedding design. I bought my flower shop, Accents, in 2013. It has currently been in business for 32 years and located in my tiny home town of Gillespie, IL. If you are ever driving on 55 from stl to springfield, we are right in the middle- stop by! I love working at the shop- it’s great, but my passion is wedding design. We travel throughout the Midwest with st. Louis being one of the most popular locations. To me, that’s the best part- being able to meet couples from all over and work at different locations all the time! SO fun!

Tell us a bit about your background:
My not floral background- I graduated from Western IL university with a science degree. I wanted to be a meteorologist from 5th grade to Junior year at college. While getting my degree I found that was not where my interest & passion was…So started working for a wedding planner and fell in love with floral design. That’s where we are today!

Tell us about your experience in St. Louis:
While my flower shop is not in stl, a large majority of my weddings are- which I love! There are so many fun locations and venues to have weddings.

What are your favorite locations in St. Louis? Personal and professional.
Botanical gardens (of course) lol

hands - Accents Floral
(photo credit –Petite Fleur Studios)

What inspires you?
Nature and the changing seasons. The colors and movements of how flowers are in nature inspire me the most.

What are some misconceptions people have when working with a florist?
 For my design style, I choose to only work with what’s in season to that particular time. So enter Pinterest photos from every season, then enter my honesty of how that bloom might not be available. I sit down and talk everything out with my clients giving them the best options for them. I find doing this gets us on the same page where there can be no misconceptions- only beautiful floral pieces!

What are some of your favorite blooms to use in an arrangement?
I love anything that is out of the ordinary and in season to that time of year. My favorite thing ever is going to the flower mart and picking out whatever they have available that day. I don’t get to do this very often, but for a special event I always do! My all time favorite flower is the lilac.

flat lay - Accents Floral
(photo credit –Petite Fleur Studios)

What are some unique ways clients can incorporate florals into their events besides the obvious?
 Right now the trend is to do hanging installations- which are gorgeous but not always appropriate. I always suggest doing what we can to enhance the beauty of the space they have chosen to get married. It’s not about over or under doing it- it’s about working with what you have to make it as breathtaking as possible.

Thanks, Alaina, and remember to stop by her shop when you are in the neighborhood!

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