Brandon + Kristen {Surprise Engagement} . 360 STL

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Whirlwind of emotions. That is the best way to express this “session”. Brandon approached me two days before he wanted to propose, because his original photographer told him he could no longer photograph the event. When he asked me I couldn’t say no to his deep desire to capture this huge event and his million dollar smile is rather convincing.

The day he chose, however, was pouring rain so we had to reschedule for the next day. We arrived at 360 STL  and new it would be magical. The gorgeous views and energetic feel of the place was the perfect location for this couple. Brandon guided Kristen to the windows and we sneakily followed and captured every moment.

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And she had no idea it was coming! The whole restaurant erupted in congratulations.

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From there Brandon has arranged a horse and carriage around the city, but before it arrived we had time to grab a few lovely shots of the newly engaged couple.

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I’ve known Brandon for quite a long time. We went to college together for a while, until he had a great opportunity to play basketball overseas. I still think that Kristen’s ring is better!

The carriage was able to take us to City Garden, which lights up magically in the evening.

Congrats you two. Thank you for allowing us to be the St. Louis part of your love story.

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