3 Tips to Have the Best Senior Session

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Congratulations! You (or your child) has accomplished so much and in fact you both deserve a photoshoot to celebrate your accomplishments to getting your student to their senior year. We are excited to share some of our favorite tips to have the best photo session (but would love to also chat about booking a portrait or couple session for the parents that made this life event happen!). Welcome to our 3 tips on having the best senior session!

  1. Prepare. But first we need to know the style of the senior. Are they the free spirit, rustic type? Do they love long flowy formal dresses? Do they like clean lines and modern aesthetics? Are they the athletic type that would hate to be put in a dress?Once you know the style that you want, we can plan locations, outfits, hair/makeup, and props. And yes, all of those things are important.-We have locations that can meet any preferences from urban to rural, from bold to soft, and from industrial to lush fields of floral. And if you want a mix of both? We have that too!

    -Outfits. Bring a variety (and understand that it might be difficult to do a full change so make sure your bottom pieces work to your advantage) of outfits. Bold and bright colors without patterns work the best to photograph. We recommend at least having one more formal outfit and one fun outfit. And over everything else, make sure you feel comfortable in what you choose. Pulling or swimming in your clothes never looks great on camera. Oh, and layer, layer, layer. Bring along some accessories that we can add or subtract as we go!

    – Hair and Make Up. This might seem extreme but consider getting these done professionally. Artists know exactly how your hair and face will photograph using their products, that is why they are the experts. Make sure, however, that you pick a style that is natural to you. The photos only happen once and so you don’t want to worry that your eyeliner is fading or those flyaways are bothering you. Oh, don’t forget to polish up those nails!

    – Finally, props. What do you find yourself drawn to? Are you always eyeing that flower crown, new book or family pet? Then consider bringing it. Are you a three sport athlete? Then bring items relating to that. Do you love to sing or play an instrument. Lets incorporate it!
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  2. Let’s have fun. We want you to feel super comfortable in front of our camera. This should be a fun experience. We understand you introverts, as we claim that status too, but now is the time to let your hair down and relax in front of our camera. Please share some photos you would like for us to create, but understand that you are your own person and will have a different experience then the person in that pinterest photo. And to add some fun, we might just bust out some tunes and have a mini dance party with you!
  3. Support. It is totally okay to bring a parent, sibling, or a friend. As long, as they bring the best out in you. We love encouraging people, so bring along that person that makes you feel amazing. The person who yells out, “you look gorgeous” and believe them, because they are right!

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