Beth {Portrait} . Creve Coeur Lake Park

This girl is incredible.

I met Beth while in college, and while I may have said “Hi” once in a while, we really didn’t become good friends until we graduated. We ended up working at the same place and had similar passions and desires, and to this day she is the person I go to and know she will just ‘understand’. Do you have that person? Who you just feel an insane amount of peace after you spent an afternoon together?

Meet the peaceful Beth.

Beth -27

Beth -15

Peaceful is one way to describe her, but I can think of many other words.
Strong-minded (and sometimes strong-willed 🙂 )

She is constantly traveling, exercising, and surrounded by her family. Did I mention she does tri-athlons ? Just for fun.

And in the mix of all of these incredible attributes, she has just a pinch of sass to make you randomly bust into laughter.

Beth -39

Beth -36

Beth -51

Creve Coeur Lake was the perfect place for the girl who loves water and adventure. When you add Beth into the mix, natural elements look even more lovely.

Beth -12

Beth -65

I adore Beth’s “Let’s do it” attitude. So when we got to this mini waterfall, I asked if she was game. I knew she would be!

Beth -84

Beth -94

Beth -74

Dear Beth,
Keep chasing the light. No matter what comes before you, know that you are strong and your creator is stronger. You are an example to so many of what a feminine, kind, and passionate woman looks like. Thank you for your years of friendship and listening ear.

To many more fish taco dates,
Sarah Marie

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