J + J {Mom + Me} . City Garden

Josie 18 months -36


Sweet 18 month old shouts of joy. The session included joy of dancing, singing and playing in water fountains!

Josie 18 months -3

We have watched sweet Josie grow over the past year. We are sad to see her and her momma move away, but know that she will grow into a happy healthy little lady. We know this because her momma is amazing and wants nothing else but to see Josie grow to be a confident and self assured little girl.

Josie 18 months -52

We suggested that we meet at City Garden in downtown St. Louis right after sunrise as we knew that there wouldn’t be a ton of people there and the gorgeous flowers and unique city scapes were perfect to remind J + J of a home they have lived at for the past few years.

Josie 18 months -60

I mean who could rock a little tank and cute mustard bow better than sweet Josie?

Josie 18 months -58

Josie 18 months -75

J + J have the cutest bond. And you will have to ask Josie what her favorite song is… and it most definitely isn’t a nursery song. This girl has great taste in music, which she got from her music loving family.

Josie 18 months -70

We ended our session in the fountains. These fountains are some of my favorite and can always be seen with a ton of kids running through them. Let’s just say we may have had to pull Josie away from them to leave.

Josie 18 months -86

Josie 18 months -81

Josie 18 months -96

Like I said, pure joy. Happy 18 months Josie.

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8 thoughts on “J + J {Mom + Me} . City Garden

  1. MegOhKay says:

    Happy 18 Months to the sweet girl and congrats to her Mama! A beautiful way to capture a milestone as well as memories of home. The fountains look like so much fun on a summer day.

  2. Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro says:

    Beautiful pictures in the perfect setting for this mother and daughter who are moving away!!!

    I hope that you will have the opportunity to catch up with them and make other milestone photos for their special occasions.


  3. Mary says:

    Aww so cute! It sux they’re moving away, but they’ll carry the memories you created for them forever! The color of the bandana was so nice for a pop on the images 🙂

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