Why are Family Photos so Important? {Tips}


You are only at this point in your life once.

Let that set in a bit.

Your child will only have that adorable gap in their teeth once. Your sister may only rock that baby bump a couple of times in her life. Your grandfather may not always be here to give your son that big bear hug.

These are just a few reasons to make sure you get that family photo at least once a year. And we are huge advocates of capturing yearly family photos, so much so, that you get to see OUR family photos. Yes, our family may only include two, but that is where a family starts- with two.

Our dear friend, Maria – Owner of Sketchbook Photography, took these photos for us to represent exactly where we are in this point of our lives.


The joy of being photographers is that our family sessions typically involve cameras as props and this year we snuck in some other liquid props!



And Yes, I know he is a stud! That man can ROCK a bow tie. I totally married up. Behind that small smile is most likely some quick witted joke.



As women, we are so quick to be harsh with ourselves and our bodies. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “I’ll get family photos after I lose 10 pounds” or “Can you photoshop my double chin.” Embrace who you are at this moment. Love who you are at this moment. Capture your family exactly how it is at this moment. I promise you will never regret the moments you capture, only the ones that you don’t.



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  1. MegOhKay says:

    This is such a wonderful sentiment. I find myself behind the camera (or phone in my case) just to document a little thing here or a memory there so I savor the moments I make it into a photo!

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