Lettner {Family} . Forest Park . St. Louis MO

Lettner Family -3

When mother nature is still putting out 90 degree weather in the middle of October why not post a summery session. I have known the Lettner’s for about 3 years. Recently their oldest headed off to college and they knew it was time to update their family photos.

Lettner Family -112

Lettner Family -107

One of our favorite locations to photograph is in Forest Park. We love the variety of locations all in a few square miles. This little gem is close to The Jewel Box, and if you want to know some of other favorite locations we just blogged about them.

Sisters have a closer bond than almost any other family member. I know, I have a sister, and that bond will never leave. No matter how far they move away to and no matter the fight you might get in to. Sisters are forever, and these two look awfully cute together.

Lettner Family -18

At the end of the session, the family all asked for a headshot and I couldn’t resist. Boy, do I love headshots.

Typically we have family sessions with small children, but there is something special about family sessions with adult (or almost adult) children. There is a renewed sweetness between mother and daughter and a kindness between father and son. It is this beautiful balance of parenting and friendship.

Lettner Family -44

Lettner Family -36

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