Sarah {Senior} . Lafayette Park


After spending a few moments agreeing that there is only one way to spell Sarah, I knew we were going to mesh well. I mean you have to have symmetry and if you don’t have an “h” at the end it looks like it is missing something… ok, end rant. Despite our love of symmetry it was such a joy to learn of Sarah’s exciting future.


This fall we were so blessed to photograph many Seniors from Lutheran High School South (including Sarah), which is the same high school that Jonathan graduated from so we appreciate the alumni connection.




Sarah rocks a gorgeous smile, but I can’t get enough of her steely gaze. I swear she is a super model.


Exploring Lafayette Park with Sarah and her parents was a blast and seeing the golf cart full of Pokemon Go players kept us entertained as well. Which I think the point of the game is to get some steps in, but I guess they found a quicker way to “catch them all.”




We quickly got a few photos of Sarah with Mom and Dad. I know these photos aren’t usually requested, but I find that when their Senior is about to head off to college that these photos are more precious than you could know.



Congratulations Sarah on your final year in high school and we wish you the best in your future endeavors.




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