Emily {Senior} . Forest Park – Flags of Valor


When I say this girl is up for anything, I totally mean it. We happened to pick the location of Forest Park on September 11 when they had the Flags of Valor memorial. The stunning sight to see over 7,000 flags representing fallen soldiers is enough to take one’s breath away. Each flag included a bio about a fallen soldier along with a dog tag.



Emily took the busy park in stride and was game for anything all while looking absolutely stunning.


We were blessed with some gorgeous light and this girl with her rockin’ smile.


Emily is not only incredibly sweet and kind, she is also a fierce competitor. She and her teammates became state champions in volleyball this year!



Some of the behind the scene information that you may never know -well not until now- is that often times there are not ideal places to change when we take senior photos. I always tell my seniors to dress in layers so that there can be an easy transition. However, sometimes we have to get sort of creative with the location to change. Emily was such a trooper and thankfully with the crowd due to the event also came portapottys! Like I said- a trooper!



Emily, good luck in your future endeavors as you are sure to share kindness everywhere you go!



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