Abigail {Senior} . Faust Park


Simple rustic beauty. There is so much beauty in nature. In lush green arbors. In fields of flowers with butterflies dancing. And then you add in a sweet, kind senior and you have the perfect combination. And this girl rocked not only a killer pair of heels but also a sassy pair of boots.




I am known to be a planner. I like to communicate expectations so that the client doesn’t have to wonder about what will come next. I thought I had done exactly that, until we pulled up to Faust Park and realized that it was a local high school’s homecoming that night and everyone and their mother was at the park for photos. As anyone who is a planner would react, I was basically freaking out inside and considering all the things that could go wrong, but on the outside I was quickly contacting Abigail and her mom about an adjustment on the meeting location so that they would know exactly how to find us. In the end, the session was perfect. Yes, we had to be a bit more patient for some locations, but the kind and forgiving attitude that Abigail had was so helpful when dealing with a potentially frustrating situation.



I love that she picked out two different outfits that worked so well together.



Abigail has the prettiest smile, but I also adored her awesome stare as it feels like she looks sweetly deep into your soul.



I have no doubt that she will succeed in all that her future holds. Congrats on your final year of high school.

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