Siebert + Collins {Family} . Forest Park


Sometimes friends become closer than family, and it is even better when those friends become like family. When Jonathan was explaining to me the relation that Candace and her family had to his, that is how he explained it – family. See long ago Candace’s family and Jonathan’s family all went to church together. And this church was exactly like it was supposed to be – they were family. When Candace reached out to me to photograph her family she mentioned Jonathan in her email. So I asked him if he knew who she was, and he loudly exclaimed, “CANDY, oh yah we go way back.” And he proceded to tell me that story.

Candace wanted not just family photos but also to grab some 1 year old photos of this sweet girl. Her party theme was milk and cookies and was the cutest!








As much as we adore photographing the entire family, one of our favorite parts is when we ask to just photograph the couple. They get a moment stop and remember what keeps the family together- the two of them. Jonathan is always amazing to entertaining the wee ones while I get a few minutes with the couple. If you didn’t know Jonathan is basically a baby whisperer- they magically love him!



One of my favorite parts of this session was the time we got to photograph this little guy and his favorite book.


This smiley guy is adopted and loves that he has a book that can tell a familiar story.


Thank you Candace for sharing your family with mine – in this generation and in the ones before us.

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