4 Photography Resolutions for 2017 {Tips}



There are two major camps when it comes to resolution making – either you love it at least until February or you don’t understand why they exist. If you are not a fan of resolutions then consider this a challenge.

Consider taking on one of these Photography Resolutions/Challenges:

  • Photo A Day – Document your daily life – yes even when it seems monotonous. I encourage you to find the beauty in it.  One of the most popular is the #project365 and even if you miss a day or two it is an easy one to pick back up. This will help you hone your awesome photography skills.
  • Being Present – Mommas, I am talking to you. Make sure you get into the photos you are taking. Yes, ask that total stranger to take a photo of you and your babes. The one thing I fear the most is when I’m 80 and going through old photos that I never see myself interacting with the ones I love.
  • Print Your Photos – Naturally, as a photographer I want you to print every photo that is ever taken. However, I know this is not always a realistic option, but I do encourage you to not leave your photos on your phone or on facebook/instagram. Print your photos! Create art with your photos! There are so many great (and easy to use) online options to print your photos. You can order anything from individual prints to photobooks. I, personally, create a photo book each year and enjoy looking back at them.
  • Yearly Family Session– Make it a priority to book a family session each year. Yes, I know husbands typically hate them and it is difficult to get all the kids dressed up. However, even if it is just for the sake of the yearly Christmas card it is worth it. They will only be that little once. And if the frustration of getting everyone looking their best is too much, consider doing a lifestyle session. What is a lifestyle session, you ask? It is where you invite a photographer into your home to document what happens on a typical Saturday morning. This could be making pancakes in pajamas or cartoon filled mornings. Perhaps you want to capture decorating your Christmas tree or Easter lunch with your entire family. Lifestyle sessions are great for those who want more ‘natural’ looking photos.

I would love to hear which resolution/challenge you are taking on for 2017! To share please let me know in the comments below.

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