Hannah {Newborn}


There are few things I can resist more than those chunky cheeks and adorable toes on a newborn baby. And when we threw Miss Hannah in a ruffle bottom and a pink bow I could hardly handle the adorableness.



On this lovely Sunday morning, we headed outside to take some sweet family photos around the families beautiful back yard.



Being a brand new mom or dad brings on a ton of amazing new things, like sleepless nights and sweet baby cuddles. Seeing how each parent interacts with their new baby is part of the magic of newborn photos. The adoration and patience that each parent puts on as they delicately pick up their new daughter or son is exactly what I hope to capture.



Parents have many new decisions to make. Decisions like cloth or regular diapers? Breastfeed or formula? Know the gender or be surprised? One decision that I enjoy is when there aren’t all gender specific clothing. Don’t get me wrong, as noted before, I’m a sucker for a pink ruffle bottom and bow, but there is something sweet about simple.



Be looking Hannah as she grows!

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