Celebrating Sister {Personal}

Growing up I had an instant best friend. She was born 16 months after me and became my mini me. Well, a much more destructive bubblier version of me. Who knew you could pack so much trouble and sweetness in a tiny little baby. But there she was – my sister.

This month I finally got the opportunity to photograph my sister, Ashley. Over the course of many years with great (and hard) moments she is still my instant best friend.

2017 . Ashley -4

Her smile encourages all who see it. She is full of laughter and sass. And with that sweetness, comes her silly faces. And boy was this session filled with them.

2017 . Ashley -5

2017 . Ashley -14

She is the peaNUT butter to my jelly. My salt to my pepper. My peas to my carrot

2017 . Ashley -21

Ashley is kind and so sacrificial, but she is also one of the hardest workers that I know. It was nice to capture her softer side as the sun set over Creve Coeur Lake.

2017 . Ashley -31

2017 . Ashley -37

2017 . Ashley -36

2017 . Ashley -44

And because she is Ashley- here is a funny face.

2017 . Ashley -45

Happy Birthday Sweet Sister! You are another year older – and for the love of tacos- hopefully a year wiser. I admire you in so many ways. You encourage me by your kindness and sacrificial love. Keep lighting up the world with your smile!

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