The Guffey Families {Mini Session}


Watching families grow each year is one of my greatest joys. Seeing pregnant moms one year bring their 7 month old the next is incredible. Then watching children grow up and become teenagers is the really cool part of my job. I love photographing both of the Guffey families and am honored that they choose me each year to document their families growth.


Last year this little lady wasn’t here yet – however we got some lovely maternity photos. And isn’t she the cutest? The whole session she was incredibly inquisitive and wanted to get her hands on everything. And I didn’t mind one bit!



These new parents have their hands full, but sometimes it nice to remember that they are husband and wife first.



Enter our second Guffey family!


These three have gotten so big since last year. Seriously, they have become little adults and that is exciting and terrifying all wrapped up in a bow.



Each one of these sweet kiddos have wonderful personalities and they really showed through these photos.




As you can see they have some of the prettiest blue eyes I have ever. Thank you Guffey’s I hope to see you this fall!


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