Nolan {Newborn} . St. Peters

2017 . Nolan Newborn-168

I had the incredible privilege to photograph Nolan’s sister, Victoria, last year¬†and was excited when Amanda told me that she was pregnant again but this time with a boy!

2017 . Nolan Newborn-32

2017 . Nolan Newborn-19

While Miss Tori is still getting used to her new little brother it was great to see how much she has grown! Amanda and Ben are incredible parents that always have a project going on and still seem to keep life together- inspirations for sure!

One project that impressed me was Nolan’s nursery. Amanda said it was so last minute- but it looks anything but last-minute and is the perfect nursery for this little guy! And if you are wondering- yes, Ben made those!

2017 . Nolan Newborn-145

2017 . Nolan Newborn-156

Nolan sweetly slept through most of his session and was a champ!

2017 . Nolan Newborn-53

2017 . Nolan Newborn-63

2017 . Nolan Newborn-68

2017 . Nolan Newborn-82

Ok, we had a few yawns, and he even does that in the most adorable fashion.

2017 . Nolan Newborn-90

2017 . Nolan Newborn-121

2017 . Nolan Newborn-133

Congratulations Stokes Family on adding strong Nolan to your fold!

2017 . Nolan Newborn-49


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