Oliva {Newborn} . St. Louis

Olivia Newborn -85

Can a photo get any cuter? Seriously…… wait for it.

Olivia Newborn -87

Oh…. I can do better than that….

Olivia Newborn -94

Yes, that is the cutest baby butt bunny tail ever. That’s it, you can go home, you have seen the most adorable photo on the internet. In all seriousness, Miss Olivia rocked her newborn session. Her mom and dad were the sweetest and most patient ever- and she will have them wrapped around her little finger.

Olivia Newborn -67

I’m a sucker for anyone in a tutu, but a newborn- yes I was done, when Olivia came out in this one. Mommas- please feel free to put your newborns in all of the cutest little outfits. Yes, I know they grow out of them, but come on, they are so dang cute.

Olivia Newborn -59

Olivia Newborn -52

Olivia Newborn -41

There is such a special bond between daddy and daughter and photos like this remind me of this deep fierce love. Olivia looks so small in her daddy’s strong hands.

Olivia Newborn -20

Congrats you two on the birth of your first sweet little lady.


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