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Honored & Humbled.

If I could pick two words that express how I feel about being asked to be a Co-leader of the St. Louis Tuesday Together group of the Rising Tide Society it would be those- honored & humbled.


And let me tell you why…

I am a Career Advisor by trade and daily tell students to network, network, network. But in reality, the concept of networking terrified me. I am introverted to the core. I don’t like crowds, loud noises, or small talk which is what I equated networking to be.

However, almost two years ago a friend of mine encouraged me to try going to Tuesday Together Meetings sponsored by The Rising Tide Society and honestly that mouthful of words just made me more nervous. But alas, I went anyway. And it was probably one of the best decisions I have made for my business.

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I have met a fiercely kind and encouraging group of St. Louis Creatives. Often in the creative business, people can be a little cut throat and territorial, but I saw none of this in a group whose tagline is “a rising tide lifts all boats.” The group challenges and encourages to be brave, try new things, and to build up others.

I’ve met some talented individuals- and I mean so much talent that it is crazy. I met a photographer/artist that makes magic come from her artwork and is now helping corporate clients find the best piece for their location. I met another photographer who is a rock star at design and website development and is bold to share his skills with others.  I have gotten to know a woman who is full of ideas and whose canvas is a cake or any other food like item that she can get a hold of- and she is writing a book! These people inspire me to grow and encourage me to inspire others.

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While I still get super nervous each time I arrive at a meeting – yes, even two-years later- I know with confidence that I will learn something new or be able to encourage someone on their journey by attending. And when Abby decided to ask me to be a co-leader it was without hesitation that I said yes. I am so sad that Elizabeth will be leaving- as she is an incredible organizer and so incredibly chic- like seriously check out her work! I am so honored and humbled to take on this role, as I know I have grown so much by our past leaders- Abby, Michelle, and Elizabeth. I am also excited as I know how much this group of creatives has changed me and my business and I’ve learned the power of a fiercely loyal set of creatives.

If you have questions about this group and how it works… please ask! I could talk your ear off about it- and that is coming from an introvert!

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