Brecca + Gryff {Pets} . Forest Park

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Meet Brecca & Gryff.

Brecca is a whip smart new St. Louis resident who is full of kindness and laughter. I was so blessed to meet her at my new church and immediately it felt like I had a friend- which I had been praying for. Like most St. Louis residents, she felt the loneliness of an apartment all to herself and new she needed a friend at home. When Brecca, talks about Gryff – even before she brought him home- her eyes lit up and she may have said crazy things like she bought a nannycam for him. Yes- she is that kind of dog mom- but she then explained she just wanted to be a good neighbor and make sure he didn’t bark too much. Now isn’t that a kind neighbor!

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Gryff is a sweet Springer Spaniel that love his owner, people and especially other dogs. This playful little guy did so well on our walk. He loves sticks and the adventure of tall rocks.

I am excited to see Gryff get bigger and see Brecca love him even more- if that is even possible.

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