Day 2 {Birthday Giveaway} . Sharpie Pens and Beautiful Stationary


Typography – defined as the style and appearance of printed matter. If you know me well, I am so picky about fonts and design. So I wanted to spoil you with some pretty items that I love.

First of all- Sharpie Pens. I almost exclusively use sharpie pens. I have them at work, at home, and in my camera bag. They are always with me. I often cringe when one of my student workers borrow one of my pens… and I’m temped to mark them with glitter or something so I know they are mine. I will now stop this confession as your probably question my sanity.

Secondly, supporting local businesses is super important to me. I have seen Megan’s shop Red Lettered Goods many times on Instagram and then when I saw her at Tower Grove Farmers Market this summer I might have fan girled a bit and introduced myself- I’m not sure if that was me networking well or just creepy. If it was creepy then I apologize Megan. Her work is simply stunning. I have few pieces in my home and loved her collaboration with a local apparel company. So I wanted to share my love and send a piece of her work your way!

That is why I want to celebrate my favorites with giving away a Sharpie Pen and pretty paper goods!
To enter comment below with your favorite local small business!

Check in every day this week as I have a giveaway each day to celebrate my 30th birthday! Each giveaway will represent one of my favorite things and ultimately I want to say thank you for being incredible clients and friends! Also if you tell me to sign you up for my e-newsletter in the comments you will get an extra entry for each day!

Be looking out soon for my post – 2017’s Photographers Wishlist. Just in time for that shutterbug in your life.

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Photography: Sketchbook Photography
Hair and Make up: Makeup by Liss Marie

17 thoughts on “Day 2 {Birthday Giveaway} . Sharpie Pens and Beautiful Stationary

  1. Megan Swingle says:

    Hey Friend!
    One…I LOVE your bag in this photo. So cute! 2. Pens and stationary is definitely your perfect giveaway. (Pretty sure my love for pretty notecards can be attributed to you).

    In Kirksville, my favorite small business is Take Root Cafe, which is a pay what you can cafe with all local eats. So delicious. Come visit and I will take you there!

    Also, I signed up for your newsletter and I am so pumped for it!

    • Sweet Sarah Marie Photography says:

      I will happily take that honor of showing you pretty notecards! Yes, I would love to come see that place- great mission!

  2. Kinsey says:

    My favorite small business is Cotton Babies. I’m totally biased, but I love the products we offer and how our house brand of cloth diapers are made here in St. Louis.

    I signed up for your newsletter, too 🙂

    • Sweet Sarah Marie Photography says:

      I will have to check that out… and Instagram! Ginger Ross got me all set up with my tote. I think this summer I am going to do a “Where did your SSMP tote go to?” challenge.

    • Sweet Sarah Marie Photography says:

      Yes! I just ordered my first Arch Apparel shirt. And Red Lettered Goods collaborated with them! Love that!

  3. elizabethgail says:

    I’m a sucker for small businesses! I have come to truly love Etsy and I order off that website as much as I can.
    My favorite local small business is Picasso’s Coffee House! I may not like coffee, but their smoothies and bruschetta are my favorite items on the menu!

    • Sweet Sarah Marie Photography says:

      Oh the power of Etsy. And did you purposely choose bruschetta just for me? Oh goodness. I can hear you saying it in my head.

  4. Chelsie Bartley says:

    Small businesses are my jam! Both of my parents are small business owners. My very favorite store is my moms clothing boutique in my home town, but since you said local… I think I would have to choose Joy’s Collective on Main Street in St. Charles. I could spend literal days in there sorting through all of their treasures.

    Also, sign me up for that newsletter!!

  5. Laura Roeseler says:

    I have so many local favorite stores but I’ll go with Zoey’s Attic in Webster. Awesome personalized gifts! I love Sharpies too 😍

  6. Erin M. says:

    Like a good St. Louisan…Ted Drewes! I also have extremely fond memories from my college days of a Christian coffeeshop in Springfield, MO, called Potter’s House. Get your joe at PoHo!

  7. Shannon Soto says:

    My fav small business is a restaurant called the Muddled Pig in Maplewood! It’s a gastropub. I can walk there from my house…they pretty much make everything themselves (they make their own ketchup) and they get their good quality meat from the butcher across the street. On Tuesday’s they have a BBB special: burger, beer, and a shot of bourbon all for $10! The burgers are delicious!

  8. Lydia says:

    There are so many wonderful small businesses; it’s hard to choose! The first two that come to mind are the inspiring online paperie, The Faire Market and the adorable antique houseware boutique, The White Rabbit. We have a couple furniture pieces from TWR in the nursery that were refurbished and given new life. I am a sucker for pretty things + pieces with character!

  9. Alex Guffey says:

    Love love love shopping local! And I love getting these other suggestions on local places from your other clients! I love Maplewoods Main Street shops, especially Bolyards and all the local restaurants!

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