Day 3 {Birthday Giveaway} . $30 Print Credit


I believe it is a statistic somewhere that this generation is the most photographed generation but the least likely to print their photos. And while that it great that photography is precious to them, however, those photos don’t necessarily last or mean what they have in the past.

Think about a time when you were little and sat in a relatives lap ( I always think about a grandparent) and looked through old albums. The memories that are shared in those moments are priceless and they were brought together via printed photography. I want to help you create those memories or in the very least decorate your walls a bit more.

That is why I want to celebrate my favorites with giving away a $30 print credit to Diversified Lab (this is specifically for a past or present client!)
To enter comment below with your who is in your favorite old printed photo.

Check in every day this week as I have a giveaway each day to celebrate my 30th birthday! Each giveaway will represent one of my favorite things and ultimately I want to say thank you for being incredible clients and friends! Also if you also tell me to sign you up for my e-newsletter in the comments you will get an extra entry for each day (please make sure you include your email address in your comment)!

And I am still offering a great #ShopSmall discount for gift cards that include printed photos!

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Photography: Sketchbook Photography
Hair and Make up: Makeup by Liss Marie

9 thoughts on “Day 3 {Birthday Giveaway} . $30 Print Credit

  1. elizabethgail says:

    Ok, this is probably one of my favorite photos of you. You are so girly and pretty and I just love it!

    My favorite printed photo is of my grandparents. It’s a black and white photo of them taken on the beach during their honeymoon. I always joked that it looked like it could be a cover of a Nicholas Sparks novel. Now that I no longer have my grandmother, I truly treasure those pictures that I have of her. I’m a big proponent of getting your pictures printed as well!

  2. Kinsey says:

    It’s not a photo so much, but it’s the wedding announcement in the local paper from my parents’ wedding. Their picture is on it. They were so young and happy. I love my mom’s custom made (by my grandmother) dress, and my dad is so handsome.

  3. Chelsie Bartley says:

    One of my favorite printed photos is a polaroid of my mom from the 80’s. She’s standing in front of her first car, a shiny black 1973 Camaro in the most stereotypical 1980’s outfit. She looks like she stepped right out of Full House. I love seeing old pictures of my parents because it’s like seeing into a whole different version of them. She had no idea she would marry my dad or have my sister and me. She was so young and still learning all of the same lessons I had to learn at that age. It’s just so neat to think about that.

  4. Laura Frank says:

    Sawyer is in my favorite photo. It was just after one of his first baths and he just had this little content grin. I love it!

  5. Lindsey Holthaus says:

    For me 100% a black and white photo of my grandparents wedding party. So simple, yet so much captured. My people making a commitment to their love that lasted 65 years on earth

  6. Laura Roeseler says:

    Mine is a photo of me as a toddler sitting in front of my dad playing with his Air Force hat. He passed away in 2014 but I’m so glad I have that photo 🙂

  7. Lydia says:

    As the youngest of 5, there aren’t many photos of me. And let’s be honest, this girl 🙋🏻 went through waaaay too many of the awkward years that are captured in school photos, so not having many photos is probably a good thing. However, I do like my kindergarten photo that is printed and framed next to a sweet photo of my husband at a similar age.

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