Day 4 {Birthday Giveaway} . $30 Florist Gift Card


I am a true believer in little luxuries. That regular iced coffee at work. Listening to my favorite podcast during my commute. A good smelling candle when I get home. And my favorite… fresh flowers every week.

And while I might just pick up a bundle of flowers from Aldis, they are still there sitting sweetly on my front table. When I walk into my home I always smile because I have decided to value myself and my home and not just expect someone else to bring me flowers. And if you have someone in your life that brings you flowers regularly – hug them tight because you are worth it with or without that special someone. It is ok- in fact encouraged- to enjoy a little luxury occasionally – or even daily!

That is why I want to celebrate my favorites with giving away a $30 gift card to Always in Bloom.
To enter comment below with your favorite flower!

Check in every day this week as I have a giveaway each day to celebrate my 30th birthday! Each giveaway will represent one of my favorite things and ultimately I want to say thank you for being incredible clients and friends! Also if you also tell me to sign you up for my e-newsletter in the comments you will get an extra entry for each day!

Enjoy this old but stunning post filled with stunning flowers!

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Photography: Sketchbook Photography
Hair and Make up: Makeup by Liss Marie

14 thoughts on “Day 4 {Birthday Giveaway} . $30 Florist Gift Card

  1. Laura Frank says:

    My favorite flower is Gerber daisies! They’re so bright and cheerful!
    My favorite flower NAME is “ranunculus” because it sounds like “redonkulous” haha! #nerd

  2. Laura Roeseler says:

    I adore Gerber daisies and Hibiscus! I have a serious problem with taking pics of hibiscus! I cannot walk by one without stopping to take a pic of its beauty! 🙂

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