Day 5 {Birthday Giveaway} . One hour Spring Session


I feel like my love for photography goes without saying, but what you may not know about me is how much I love a spring session. Yes, I do about 60% of my family sessions in the Fall. And I understand people love the gorgeous cozy weather, I get so much more excited about Spring. The popping up red tulips, the blossoming magnolia trees, the wooded locations coming back to life. It is almost magical how nature renews itself each year. Sadly, though not very many people choose Spring for their session. Well, I want to help change that by offering an incredible (and expensive – $200) giveaway. Join me in loving the beautiful season of Spring!

That is why I want to celebrate my favorites with giving away a stunning 1 Hour Spring Session!
To enter comment below with what made your favorite photography session so amazing!

This is the last day of the Birthday giveaways! I will posting the random winners on Monday! I appreciate the overwhelming response and I want to say thank you for being incredible clients and friends! Also if you tell me to sign you up for my e-newsletter in the comments you will get an extra entry for each day!

Be looking out tommorrow for my full 30th Cake Smash Session! I would HIGHLY encourage anyone to do this… Do you know anyone about to turn 90? Grandma loves cake too!

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Photography: Sketchbook Photography
Hair and Make up: Makeup by Liss Marie
Cake: Confections by Libby

11 thoughts on “Day 5 {Birthday Giveaway} . One hour Spring Session

  1. Laura Roeseler says:

    Sarah, happy birthday and thank you for sharing your special day with your clients! So awesome! My favorite photography sessions are all of them because it is time with my family and captures a beautiful moment in our family history! Thank you for an awesome session last month! I signed up for the newsletter too 🙂

  2. Christine says:

    That time it snowed. It was very early in November and was unexpected. There we were inside, and it started. You and the twins took full advantage of it. Those will always be my favorite photos.

  3. Megan says:

    So excited to see all of your photos tomorrow! When I think about my favorite photography sessions, I enjoyed them because the photographers (i.e. YOU) always helped me feel less awkward and more confident!

  4. Erin M. says:

    I think the only time I’ve ever been the subject of a photography session was my senior pictures! Unless church directory pics count…or weddings I was in? Let’s go with that. One thing I LOVED about my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding photographer was his ability to catch my brother being serious without looking goofy. One year when we were getting pics taken for the aforementioned church directory, there was a laugh-out-loud hilarious pic of my siblings and I trying to look serious.

  5. Phoebe Myers says:

    Happy birthday Sarah! It’s so hard to choose a favorite photo session…. I love all the shoots Eric and I have done while we’ve been together. Each one shows a different time in our relationship and even though we’ve only been together 5 years I love watching us grow old together.

  6. Alex Guffey says:

    Hi Sarah! I love this birthday photo shoot! Happy birthday! I think my favorite would have to be our most recent – thank you for suggesting a dawn shoot! I would have never asked someone else to do that, but you were awesome and the pictures turned out beautiful!

  7. Lydia says:

    It is no secret that I hate being in front of the camera. Though I get nervous even thinking about it, the memories that are made and captured make all the nightmares (+ maybe even glistening palms) worth it. Every. Time.

    ✨ I want to wish you a very happy (almost) birthday, friend! This birthday concept is brilliant and really shows your heart. Who else wants to give to others during such a milestone?! Beautiful people with beautiful hearts like you. That’s who. ✨

  8. Kinsey says:

    Happy birthday Sarah! It’s been so fun to seer beautiful face on our side of the camera 🙂

    My favorite photo shoot was actually the family picnic one that you did back in May. It was so fun have a nice day and to get to spend it with our then 4 month old and to feel like a perfect little family.

  9. elizabethgail says:

    This is so hard.

    My favorite photo shoot, which wasn’t actually a photo shoot (so you probably won’t count it lol) was from Disney. The photos weren’t traditionally taken, but it was such a fun way to remember the great honeymoon that we had. About 99% of the pictures turned out great too! one of my favorite pictures of Chris and I came from those and I cherish them dearly.

    I can’t express the gratitude to you that you offer mini sessions every year. You’re fun to work with and you help me feel more confident in front of a camera. I love that Chris and I always have photos of us as we go through each year of life together, and I have those keepsakes because of you. Thank you!

  10. Sarah says:

    Wohoo! Great giveaway! My favorite photography session was our engagement session. Our photographer played our favorite music and we danced, we wrote love letters to each other and read them, it was just a memory in and of itself (oh and we had them done while we were on vacation in Hawaii! So there’s that 🙂 ). Happy Birthday!

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