A Year from Now {personal}

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If I look back at myself a year ago from today I would be amazed at the changes.

A new home.
Monthly counseling sessions.
A new car.
A new church.
Consistent budgeting.
Considering dating again.
A new position at work.

I’m fairly for certain I wouldn’t recognize myself. It is incredible how a year can change so many components of a person. I’m sure you might feel the same!

What big changes have you worked through this past year?

A new stay at home mom?
A recent major sickness?
A tougher boss?
A parent who passed away?
A child diagnosed with a learning disability?

I want to share that you are not alone in your struggle. There are people all around you that care for you. There are people all around that have been through similar situations that can help guide you and encourage you.

This time in your life might be so hard, but there is beauty in the tough times. Don’t just hold on to the pain as you will miss out on the beauty.

I can honestly say that I am stronger, happier, kinder, and more patient then I was a year ago. I know each year has their own struggles and I am so excited to see where God has me a year from now. Where will you be in your life journey a year from now?

For those who have walked with me through this beautifully tough past year, thank you. I deeply appreciate the long walks, kind words, glasses of wine, big moving muscles and most of all your friendship. Thank you clients for your patience and encouragement as you see the business change and adapt with me.

I’d love to hear more about your story in the comments and encourage you no matter where you are at in your journey. We should celebrate with one another whether you are on top of the mountain or deep in the valley.

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