Lexee {Senior} . Indianapolis

2018 . Senior Shoot out -12

I cannot wait to tell you all more about my recent conference – RESET – and the shootout I did with Dana Tate. But before I do, I want to introduce you to Lexee. This bright young lady was filled with kindness and laughter during our session.

2018 . Senior Shoot out -2

2018 . Senior Shoot out -4

Lexee is a pro at posing with her intense background in dance, but what you don’t know is that she was casted once as a mermaid. That’s right friends, a MERMAID! If I was to go for any person it a cast it would be that!

2018 . Senior Shoot out -132018 . Senior Shoot out -16

Notice that award winning smile!

One of the wonderful parts of photographing Seniors is listening to parents talk about their children. Lexee’s mom was beaming with pride with every story she shared. And this woman is a rockstar as Lexee is the first of five lovely daughters. Can we hand this woman an award and a coffee?

2018 . Senior Shoot out -25

2018 . Senior Shoot out -33

It is always a joy to shoot in a new location and being at the conference allowed the opportunity to shoot in downtown Indianapolis. The stunning architecture you see around Lexee is the Birch Bayh Federal Building.

2018 . Senior Shoot out -27

Lexee, I wish you the most beautiful of futures and pray your dreams come true!

2018 . Senior Shoot out -35

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