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I am officially done with grad school and so I want to dig in to a long list of incredible business and personal books. My past three years have been filled with not so fun accounting, marketing, and analytics books, however, I have made sure to fill my amazon cart with books that I think would be great for personal and professional growth. And I am so excited to dig into a few on my many trips this summer!

So here is my list of books for my post grad school indulgence:

  • The E – Myth Revisited – Because I have to throw in a few business books to keep my mind sharp!
  • The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners – I’ve realized that I need to change my mind on how I view food and Keto has been a great option. This book has easy recipes even for the worst of cooks!
  • A Simplified Life – To state that I’m atrocious at organization, might be an understatement. However, I’ve made a ton of strides to get better at it and am excited to dig deeper into this book.
  • The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up – Because of my issue above.
  • Miracle Morning – Long story short, I usually pick books that have titles that force me to become a better person and this one is no different. I love sleep and particularly sleeping in. This book is bound to push me to having productive mornings.
  • Univited – So here in lies some of my introvert showing. So often we feel left out or less than. This book sheds some light on the issue and I know it will grow me in big ways.
  • The 4 Hour Work Week – I’m all about working smarter and not harder. As my life will continue to get busier with life plans, I want to remain just as effective.
  • Make it Happen – Motivation is tricky when you are an entrepreneur and I try to surround myself with text that is uplifting and motivating.

I’d love to hear which books are on your list for summer reading! I’m lousy and picking out fiction books (I always lean toward practicality), so if you have some good suggestions, please leave them in the comments section!

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