30th Bucket List {Personal} – 1/2 way update

I wanted to follow up on what all I have accomplished so far on my list….

I pledged to make this year fierce. Yes, turning 30 might be hard, but not when you have a year of fun planned. Without further ado, here is the list- and what I have accomplished so far!

  • Ride a Riverboat – not done.
  • Go to a Chocolate Factory – not done.
  • Climb a Water Tower – not done.
  • Go see Hamilton – accomplished!!!
  • Update my Passport – not done.
  • Paddle Boat in Forest Park – not done.
  • Graduate with my Masters – accomplished!!!
  • Read 3 Books for Fun – not done, I have at least one done.
  • Enjoy my Hammock – not done.
  • Go Camping – not done.
  • Travel to 3 New Cities – Accomplished – Indianapolis, South Padre Island, and Los Angeles.
  • Plan a Cruise – not done.
  • Pare Down all of my Clothes – not done.

I’m about 1/3 of the way done with my list, thankfully some of the smaller items can get done this summer. And if you want to join me on some of these items, let me know and we can get it planned! Enjoy some of my accomplished photos below.


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