6 Summer Best Buys from Amazon {Series}

2018 . 3rd RTS . -78

Oh, Amazon, how I love you so. Here is what have been my favorite picks of the summer! I’d love to hear what you have been digging from this amazingly convenient website.

Toiletry Bag – With a ton of summer travels, I knew I needed to update and better organize my toiletry bag. This one was cute and was surprisingly spacious.

Sleeveless Swing Top– I have been living in this during the summer. It is cute enough to wear out and professional enough to wear to work. And I adore a cute floral! (pictured below)

2018 . 3rd RTS . -75

Workout Tanks – I am constantly going to grab a tank to throw under tops or to work out in and these are super bright and fun.

Hammock – This double hammock is completely awesome. I love the ability to read a book in this comfy hammock. One thing I would recommend is also ordering straps to go with it. I’m a curvy girl and want to make sure it will stay exactly where I put it!

Charger Power Bank – This thing has saved my behind so many times while traveling. I love taking photos on trips and always seem to run my phone low, so this charger is packed in my bag every time!

Facial Mask Sheet – Technically, I haven’t bought this one yet, but I am incorporating more self care into my routines and face masks will be part of it. I think as I get older I realize how much care I need to put into my skin and body. I thinks these will be a great thing to add to my routine.

Another store I’ve totally been loving is ThredUp. My work wardrobe needed an update and I scored some awesome inexpensive finds. (I can also send you a $10 coupon if you are interested!)

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