Lexee {Senior} . Indianapolis

2018 . Senior Shoot out -12

I cannot wait to tell you all more about my recent conference – RESET – and the shootout I did with Dana Tate. But before I do, I want to introduce you to Lexee. This bright young lady was filled with kindness and laughter during our session.

2018 . Senior Shoot out -2

2018 . Senior Shoot out -4

Lexee is a pro at posing with her intense background in dance, but what you don’t know is that she was casted once as a mermaid. That’s right friends, a MERMAID! If I was to go for any person it a cast it would be that!

2018 . Senior Shoot out -132018 . Senior Shoot out -16

Notice that award winning smile!

One of the wonderful parts of photographing Seniors is listening to parents talk about their children. Lexee’s mom was beaming with pride with every story she shared. And this woman is a rockstar as Lexee is the first of five lovely daughters. Can we hand this woman an award and a coffee?

2018 . Senior Shoot out -25

2018 . Senior Shoot out -33

It is always a joy to shoot in a new location and being at the conference allowed the opportunity to shoot in downtown Indianapolis. The stunning architecture you see around Lexee is the Birch Bayh Federal Building.

2018 . Senior Shoot out -27

Lexee, I wish you the most beautiful of futures and pray your dreams come true!

2018 . Senior Shoot out -35

Save the Date : Spring Minis & Headshot Day {Forest Park}

Spring minis and headshot day SAVE THE DATE_

I’m so excited about these spring dates! Flowers will be blooming and hopefully the sun will be shining (but I will have indoor alternate locations if mother nature decides otherwise!).

Spring Mini Session
25 minutes || sessions in the morning and afternoon
20 Digital Prints with an online gallery
Print release

Headshot Day
20 minutes || sessions in the morning and afternoon
15 Digital Prints with an online gallery
Print release
$75 ($40 for soon to be graduates)

Please contact me as soon as possible as these spots are very limited! To inquire on times or more information email sweetsarahmariephotography@gmail.com .

To see some samples of past headshots and mini sessions, see below.

2016 . Guffey Family . -15

2017 . Gunter Family . -40

Past mini sessions : 1 , 2 ,



headshot laura

Past headshot sessions : 1 ,

Gunter {Family} . Jewel Box

2017 . Gunter Family . -11

Once in a while you get stunning light, mixed with  bright fun outfits, and add a dash of giggles. A photographer can only smile and beam with the joy when that perfect recipe is created.

2017 . Gunter Family . -16

2017 . Gunter Family . -23

2017 . Gunter Family . -32

2017 . Gunter Family . -65

Those sweet smiles that are exchanged between a husband and wife who actually have a second to embrace are the most real and relaxed moments they might have all day.

2017 . Gunter Family . -95

But the star of the show is this sweet girl. She rocked her 4 year old session. Each expression she shared was filled with joy, kindness, and a bit of sass. Which is everything that makes up a little girl.

You can tell that she loves being the sole attention of each of her parents.

2017 . Gunter Family . -85

2017 . Gunter Family . -77

2017 . Gunter Family . -73

Happy sweet 4 years, dear girl. I wish many more years of family snuggles and joy filled laughter.

2017 . Gunter Family . -98

6 Winter Best Buys from Amazon {series}


I’m fairly certain that Amazon prime has taken over my life at times. The convenience is overwhelmingly amazing, but sometimes I want someone to tell me that “wow this product is incredible” so this is me telling you the items that have rocked my winter.

CD organizer : I got rid of all of my dvd cases and pared down to this tiny guy. I can’t even begin to tell you how nice it looks on my shelf and how much space I got back. Mind you, I don’t usually put on a movie this days, so I can’t speak to those who would get into this organizer often.

Mario Bedescu Face Spray : I saw this face spray on some list that had amazon items that people are crazy about. And after buying and trying it, I’m joining the crazy train. It is so refreshing and I use it after my shower and before bed. It can also be used as a makeup setting spray, but I’m not that fancy.

Frother : While I know nothing about frothing, I love this little guy for making my evening dessert. I decided to try a keto diet in December and the one thing you can’t have is sugar. So each night I mix up a sugar-free jello and heavy cream dessert and it could not happen without this little frother.

Humidifier : I don’t own this specific one, but I have kept a humidifier going this winter and boy do I notice a difference. This one is cute and perfect for small spaces.

-Dry Shampoo : This is a game changer! I’ve never really used dry shampoo because I couldn’t find one I loved. But this one smells so amazing. Like I want to use it everyday on my hair just because it smells good.

Floral Floor Length Dress : Want to wear socially acceptable pajamas to work? This dress is perfect if you have that mentality. I’ve received a ton of compliments on it. Which I was a little leery about as I’m typically a black and grey clothes wearer. But if you want to spruce up your winter/spring wardrobe and be complimented, grab this dress.

What did you buy recently that you are loving?

30th Bucket List {Personal}


This year is going to be fierce (insert the above finger snap)! Last year was such a hard year, that I knew that I needed my 30th year to be incredible. Yes, turning 30 might be hard, but not when you have a year of fun planned. Without further ado, here is the list!

  • Ride a Riverboat
  • Go to a Chocolate Factory
  • Climb a Water Tower
  • Go see Hamilton
  • Update my Passport
  • Paddle Boat in Forest Park
  • Graduate with my Masters
  • Read 3 Books for Fun
  • Enjoy my Hammock
  • Go Camping
  • Travel to 3 New Cities
  • Plan a Cruise
  • Pare Down all of my Clothes

Now is where I need your help! Keep me accountable, I already have some of these plans in the works- my tickets for Hamilton is bought and I graduate in May! But ask me how these are going and I’ll make sure to update you all when I accomplish them.

Spring Travel Dates {business}

spring travel dates

One of the goals I had for my 30th year was to travel. I want to see 3 new cities this year and this spring I will have the honor to get 2 of the 3 done!

While I travel, I love the opportunity to connect with locals and photograph their family/couple sessions. it is thrilling to find the cool photo spots in new locations.

If you have family in Chicago, Michigan (specifically near Kalamazoo or Gaylord), Indianapolis or South Padre Island, let them know I will be in the area as I would love to connect with them.

One of the best parts of these sessions is that they are discounted… up to $75 off a session!

Also… if you love these locations and have suggestions on places for me to visit – food or fun – let me know by leaving your tips in the comments!

Most popular posts from 2017 {recap}

2017 . Siddens Twins . -4

Hello Lovelies!

I always enjoy seeing which posts you click on the most. Here is a list of last years most loved blog posts:

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I am so thankful that many of these top posts are personal posts. It makes me want to tear up and exclaim, “They like me, they really like me.” So thank you for investing in my life and helping me celebrate other families in their lives.

Why Do Business Owners need a headshot? {business}

2018 . Confections by Libby . -61

Creative Entrepreneurs often feel like they are hustling alone. Day in and out, writing emails and sending invoices. Yes, there is time to hone your craft, but it seems like most of the time spent is on the business side of their small business and not the creative side.

As a small business myself, I get you, friend. And I want to hustle along side of you.

Recently, I had the pleasure of hanging out with a friend of mine, Libby. I met Libby in college and as our lives changed after college we both started small businesses. Myself, with Sweet Sarah Marie Photography and Libby with Confections by Libby. The incredible desserts that are coming out of her kitchen are spectacular. I was so excited to collaborate with her multiple times and provide some of her desserts for my clients. (If you have tried some of Libby’s desserts, show her some love in the comments!)

I wanted to encourage her and spend some time with this rad lady so I suggested a lifestyle shoot that would help gain some stock photos for her business. And boy, was I blessed.

2018 . Confections by Libby . -47

2018 . Confections by Libby . -37

Being able to be creative with a fellow creative was so natural. Both of us trusted each others expertise and bounced ideas along with desires off of each other.

2018 . Confections by Libby . -32

2018 . Confections by Libby . -34

Libby shared a few words with me about our experience:

“Working with Sarah helped open my eyes to what branding and professional photography could really do for my small business. I initially communicated to Sarah the basic visual identity of my business from my perspective, and she took that concept and perfectly captured it in her photography.”

2018 . Confections by Libby . -70

2018 . Confections by Libby . -72


One of the best times, I believe, to book a session is right before you are about to do a big push. This push could be for a new service, new product, or new presentation that you are now offering. Libby was prepping for her Valentines day push where she created these delectable cupcake bouquets. She so graciously sent this home with me, and friends, if you order this – I promise you that you will put a smile on your face or a loved ones face.

2018 . Confections by Libby . -28

2018 . Confections by Libby . -20

2018 . Confections by Libby . -16

I mentioned that the bouncing ideas off of each other was so beneficial for the both of us, and when I mentioned getting a bit messy, Libby was immediately on board. Doesn’t she look so adorable with a bit of flour on her beautiful face. I’m sure this is exactly how she looks when she is in the middle of an all day baking session.

2018 . Confections by Libby . -90

2018 . Confections by Libby . -84

2018 . Confections by Libby . -99

After the session, Libby had some time to reflect and these are some of the kind words she said:

” The photos that Sarah took give me another way to share my brand with others in a clear and beautiful way. I would strongly urge any small business owner to consider investing in lifestyle headshots and product photos with a photographer like Sarah. Having professional photography to share with potential clients not only communicates that you take your business seriously, it shows others the attention to detail that you put into your craft. Thanks Sarah!”

2018 . Confections by Libby . -78

2018 . Confections by Libby . -83