Shop Small Saturday . Gift Cards {Business}


As your tummy is completely full of incredible Thanksgiving leftovers and you have had your fill of Black Friday- or avoided it like me (Thank you power of Amazon), I want to share a different gift.

A gift that will be looked at for generations to come – Photographs.

I can vividly remember sitting in my Great Grandmothers chair look over old photos. Pointing at each person as my dad explained exactly who each person was. I can remember the smell of perfume on my Great Grandmothers chair and exactly how the room looks.

Memories are a funny thing like that.

That memory would not have been exactly like that without looking over those photos, and learning about my family who is no longer with us.

It makes me so happy when I have families come together and gift photography to each other.

A recent family that did this was the Allen Family. Now Grandma and Grandpa Allen have a photo of their whole family.

2017 . Allen Family . -15

Be looking for a post about this family soon, but until then you can give your family a similar gift.

Gift cards are offered all year-long, but around Christmas I like to throw in a few extras.

2017 Christmas Gift Card

One Hour Session
Downloadable Online Gallery with 60 edited photos
One 8×10 and three 5×7 photos of your choosing

all for $200

The gift card will be sent digitally so that you can wrap it up however you would like!

Interested? Email


Bushor {Family} . Creve Coeur Lake

2017 . Bushor Family . -6

If I could nominate a family for best dressed it would probably be this one. Every year (and I think I’ve been blessed to photography their family for 3 years – 2016, 2015) they come dressed to the nines and coordinate oh so well. Seriously, if I was a mom I would get notes from Jacque. Not only would I get notes from her about fashion, but also how she raises two sweet and kind young ladies.

2017 . Bushor Family . -17

I would ask her how she incorporates fun and laughter into her day.

2017 . Bushor Family . -30

I would also ask her how she balances life and being a great wife. I mean her husband is incredibly smitten with her and his two little ladies.

2017 . Bushor Family . -25

2017 . Bushor Family . -36

2017 . Bushor Family . -97

And while Creve Coeur Lake may not be the most traditional location for Christmas Family Photos. I cannot get enough of how the sun sets behind the lake. This location is a gem in St. Louis. Seriously, some of my favorite sessions have been here (Ashley and Beth).

2017 . Bushor Family . -86

2017 . Bushor Family . -54

2017 . Bushor Family . -64

2017 . Bushor Family . -75

Jacque, keep on working those cute outfits and teaching your ladies that life should be filled with love, laughter, and kindness.

Guffey {Family + Maternity} . St. Louis Morning

2016 . Guffey Family . -15

I have a deep love hate relationship with morning sessions. However, I am easily motivated by coffee and so that is how I convince myself to book sunrise sessions. Seriously- I say to myself, “Sarah, if you book a sunrise session you can grab a skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks on your way home.” Yes, I talk to myself often- no shame in my game.

However, I didn’t even need to bargain with myself in order to get up bright and early for this session with the Guffeys. I was honored to take this sweet family’s photos for a few years now – in 2016 and 2015. And I want everyone to know that I am so thankful to build relationships and see my clients sweet families grown. Seriously- when I say it is an honor, I truly mean it. So when Alex contacted me and said her family was growing again, I’m pretty sure I squealed and immediately agreed to anything she wanted.

2016 . Guffey Family . -7

2016 . Guffey Family . -45

I love it when families incorporate something personal into their sessions. Their sweet little lady wore a dress handmade and I believe the satin of the dress was from a bridesmaid’s dress from Alex’s wedding!

2016 . Guffey Family . -27

Now to Alex’s sweet baby bump…

2016 . Guffey Family . -74

Alex was obviously glowing, but the stunning sunrise behind her helped added to the glow.

2016 . Guffey Family . -782016 . Guffey Family . -83

These two just look at each other and start beaming. They have the most genuine smiles.

2016 . Guffey Family . -68

2016 . Guffey Family . -63

And because we know who is really in charge,  I will leave you with a few photos of the cutest little lady.

2016 . Guffey Family . -902016 . Guffey Family . -97


2017 Fall Mini Sessions {update}


Wow! The response for mini sessions have been overwhelming… however, St. Louis weather has not been cooperating. I originally set dates for October 22 and November 18 and when both of those filled, I added November 5. But the weather had another idea and October 22 and November 5 both had to be adjusted. So to those who have been so super flexible… Thank YOU!

But due to the overwhelming response, the November 18th date is filled and I’ve added a November 26 date. I have gotten smarter though and it will be located in The Jewel Box.

November 26
25 minutes || sessions from 11:30 a.m. -1:30 p.m.
40 Digital Prints with an online downloadable gallery
Print release

To book your session: Email

Once again, thank you for being incredible clients, it is truly a joy to see your families grow each year!


Nolan {Newborn} . St. Peters

2017 . Nolan Newborn-168

I had the incredible privilege to photograph Nolan’s sister, Victoria, last year and was excited when Amanda told me that she was pregnant again but this time with a boy!

2017 . Nolan Newborn-32

2017 . Nolan Newborn-19

While Miss Tori is still getting used to her new little brother it was great to see how much she has grown! Amanda and Ben are incredible parents that always have a project going on and still seem to keep life together- inspirations for sure!

One project that impressed me was Nolan’s nursery. Amanda said it was so last minute- but it looks anything but last-minute and is the perfect nursery for this little guy! And if you are wondering- yes, Ben made those!

2017 . Nolan Newborn-145

2017 . Nolan Newborn-156

Nolan sweetly slept through most of his session and was a champ!

2017 . Nolan Newborn-53

2017 . Nolan Newborn-63

2017 . Nolan Newborn-68

2017 . Nolan Newborn-82

Ok, we had a few yawns, and he even does that in the most adorable fashion.

2017 . Nolan Newborn-90

2017 . Nolan Newborn-121

2017 . Nolan Newborn-133

Congratulations Stokes Family on adding strong Nolan to your fold!

2017 . Nolan Newborn-49


Oliva {Newborn} . St. Louis

Olivia Newborn -85

Can a photo get any cuter? Seriously…… wait for it.

Olivia Newborn -87

Oh…. I can do better than that….

Olivia Newborn -94

Yes, that is the cutest baby butt bunny tail ever. That’s it, you can go home, you have seen the most adorable photo on the internet. In all seriousness, Miss Olivia rocked her newborn session. Her mom and dad were the sweetest and most patient ever- and she will have them wrapped around her little finger.

Olivia Newborn -67

I’m a sucker for anyone in a tutu, but a newborn- yes I was done, when Olivia came out in this one. Mommas- please feel free to put your newborns in all of the cutest little outfits. Yes, I know they grow out of them, but come on, they are so dang cute.

Olivia Newborn -59

Olivia Newborn -52

Olivia Newborn -41

There is such a special bond between daddy and daughter and photos like this remind me of this deep fierce love. Olivia looks so small in her daddy’s strong hands.

Olivia Newborn -20

Congrats you two on the birth of your first sweet little lady.


Siddens Twins {Newborn} . St. Louis

2017 . Siddens Twins . -21

If you want to see a calm, cool and collected set of parents it would be these two. Katie and Scott knew having twins was going to be an adventure and they handle every moment with grace and laughs.

2017 . Siddens Twins . -4

And Izzy and Bennet have the cutest nursery to grow up in! I mean all of that lovely light and fun colors!

2017 . Siddens Twins . -9

2017 . Siddens Twins . -7

2017 . Siddens Twins . -128

Yes, I believe that is immense pride beaming from Scott’s face.

2017 . Siddens Twins . -104

2017 . Siddens Twins . -112

2017 . Siddens Twins . -118

These two sweet ones will always have a person to lean on when times are hard and to celebrate when life is exciting. I mean look at this sweet connection.

2017 . Siddens Twins . -77

2017 . Siddens Twins . -84

2017 . Siddens Twins . -89

And now a family of four.

2017 . Siddens Twins . -134

2017 . Siddens Twins . -141

Family Session vs Mini Session {Tips}



The decision to specialize in families (and High School Seniors) is always made more apparent when I get into Mini Session season (aka get your lovely holiday photo taken!). I love seeing my returning clients families get bigger and older. It is a joy to hear their big accomplishments of the year.

Often, though, I get asked if a family should choose a mini session or an hour family session and perhaps this post will help guide you.

  • Are you looking for a photo just to put on your holiday card? Mini Session
  • Are you wanting to bring a pet? Family Session (sometimes I can accommodate pets in minis but it can make the session feel a bit more rushed.)
  • Do you have a larger family (6+)? Family Session
  • Do you have younger children that have a shorter attention span? Mini Session – that 25 minute time span is perfect for them!
  • Do you want a specialized and unique experience? Family Session
  • Do you want to pick your own location? Family Session
  • Do you want props that focus on Christmas? Mini Session
  • Do you want to change outfits? Family Session


Mini Sessions are 25 minute sessions that are typically one after another for a few hours. Each family typically gets 20-25 edited photos on an online gallery. The session is in one location that typically doesn’t have much variety.

Family Sessions are an hour long and is focused just on your family. Each family can pick any location in a 15 mile radius of St. Louis. Families can bring props and an outfit changed if they want. Each Family gets 50-60 edited photos on an online gallery.

My goal is to serve every family with a fun photography experience!

2017 Fall Mini Sessions . Forest Park

2017 Fall mini save the date

I love frolicking around in beautiful leaves and crisp weather (all while enjoying hot apple cider or a pumpkin spice latte). What I love even more is photographing my favorite families during this season.

October 22 + November 18
25 minutes || sessions in the morning and afternoon
20 Digital Prints with an online gallery
Print release

The sessions will take place in Forest Park, St. Louis which boasts of a variety of views and beautiful autumn trees. To view some of last year’s minis – 1 , 2 , 3 .

To book your session: Email
The October date is almost completely booked and November is filling up quickly!




SSMP + Pinterest {business}


Life is busy and often clients feel the expectation to have “perfect” photos – this can all be so overwhelming.

My goal is to make the preparation for photos to go incredibly smoothly! In order to do so, I like to share with my clients some of our pinterest boards so that they can breathe easy when planning outfits and deciding how to use their photos in their home.

Here are links to some of our Pinterest boards!

If you have any ideas of topics that I can add pins on, please let me know. My goal is always to make the session and prep as seamless and fun as possible!