Save the Date : Spring Minis & Headshot Day {Forest Park}

Spring minis and headshot day SAVE THE DATE_

I’m so excited about these spring dates! Flowers will be blooming and hopefully the sun will be shining (but I will have indoor alternate locations if mother nature decides otherwise!).

Spring Mini Session
25 minutes || sessions in the morning and afternoon
20 Digital Prints with an online gallery
Print release

Headshot Day
20 minutes || sessions in the morning and afternoon
15 Digital Prints with an online gallery
Print release
$75 ($40 for soon to be graduates)

Please contact me as soon as possible as these spots are very limited! To inquire on times or more information email .

To see some samples of past headshots and mini sessions, see below.

2016 . Guffey Family . -15

2017 . Gunter Family . -40

Past mini sessions : 1 , 2 ,



headshot laura

Past headshot sessions : 1 ,

Peter {Headshot} . Concordia Seminary

2017 . Peter Headshot -7

So often I forget how much I love head shots. It is the perfect combination of my two loves: professionalism and photography. Peter is an incredible musician and Percussion Instructor at a local high school. As he broadens his expertise, he needed some head shots to make him shine.

2017 . Peter Headshot -5

2017 . Peter Headshot -20

He and his wife, Lauren, live in the De Mun area and love their runs at Concordia Seminary and coffee at Kaldis so that was the perfect location for the session.

2017 . Peter Headshot -32

2017 . Peter Headshot -34

2017 . Peter Headshot -47

And you must have a smiling one!

2017 . Peter Headshot -50

My favorite thing about Peter is that he married well. Lauren is full of energy and kindness. Peter is strong and steady. They make a great pair, and so we finished the session with some sweet couple photos.

2017 . Peter Headshot -23

2017 . Peter Headshot -62

2017 . Peter Headshot -65

2017 . Peter Headshot -68

2017 . Peter Headshot -72


Beth {Headshots} . St. Louis


If you want to meet a stunningly strong woman it would be this one- Beth. I have raved and raved about how absolutely amazing she is in this post this summer. However, recently she needed a few headshots and we popped over to a close park and nabbed a few.


I’m pretty sure she would look stunning in anything she put on. But she was also blessed with picking out the perfect outfits and always looks so professional – even when she is out hiking. And I have no idea how she does it. Come on girl, give us some styling tips!


Doesn’t she looks so powerful and strong in her power stance?



Dear friend, I am so excited to hear of your new adventures. As I know nothing can keep you down!

Maria {Creative Headshot} . Forest Park, St. Louis

Maria . Headshot . -15

When you share the deep passion for all things Kate Spade and photography, you know it is going to be a wonderful friendship. I met Maria about a year ago in an organization that supports creative entrepreneurs – The Rising Tide Society. She is fiercely devoted to her husband and daughters and is a proud dance mom. She cares for those who call her friend and is always encouraging them.

Maria . Headshot . -3

We were talking about how desperately we needed to update our headshots and so one day we got together and photographed one another. She does amazing work which I shared a recent post. But what she is specializing in is newborn photography– and she is incredible.

Maria . Headshot . -17

The whole session we were laughing about the windy day and how it may or may not affect our dresses. And for a side note, spanx saves eyes. Not that either of us “needed” them, but they help out when the wind catches your dress.

Maria . Headshot . -13

We both adore the variety of locations that you see in forest park, everything from ponds, gorgeous structures and wooded spots. I am always finding undiscovered locations that I adore.

Maria . Headshot . -50

One of my new favorite spots is next to the Jewel Box where there is this gorgeous willow tree next to a pond. It has a beautiful mix of whimsy and ethereal.

Maria . Headshot . -36

By the way, have you seen anyone else rock a band like that better? And this chica came prepared with multiple options. I told you we were meant to be friends.


As we continued to giggle through the session, we ended it at the Jewel Box where she perfectly matched her teal shirt to the building accents. Now that is thinking ahead. I mentioned this girl liked Kate Spade and she incorporated her love of it into our session.

Maria . Headshot . -78

Jackie {Headshots} . Missouri History Museum

2016 . Jackie Headshots and Josie-36

A woman who lights up a room with her laugh and has the interest to listen to your every thought, feeling, and passion – that is Jackie. As a counselor, she seeks harmony in relationships and easily learns the struggles that couples face. She is beginning an exciting new part of her journey and ask for us to snag a few beautiful headshots.

2016 . Jackie Headshots and Josie-40

I told you her smile lights up a room!

Not only is Jackie a wonderful professional, but she is also an incredible mom. She brought along her sweet little one and they were the cutest together.

2016 . Jackie Headshots and Josie-9

If there is one thing that Jackie wants more than anything is to raise her little gal well. So yes, chase your dreams little lady.

2016 . Jackie Headshots and Josie-17