Guffey {Family + Maternity} . St. Louis Morning

2016 . Guffey Family . -15

I have a deep love hate relationship with morning sessions. However, I am easily motivated by coffee and so that is how I convince myself to book sunrise sessions. Seriously- I say to myself, “Sarah, if you book a sunrise session you can grab a skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks on your way home.” Yes, I talk to myself often- no shame in my game.

However, I didn’t even need to bargain with myself in order to get up bright and early for this session with the Guffeys. I was honored to take this sweet family’s photos for a few years now – in 2016 and 2015. And I want everyone to know that I am so thankful to build relationships and see my clients sweet families grown. Seriously- when I say it is an honor, I truly mean it. So when Alex contacted me and said her family was growing again, I’m pretty sure I squealed and immediately agreed to anything she wanted.

2016 . Guffey Family . -7

2016 . Guffey Family . -45

I love it when families incorporate something personal into their sessions. Their sweet little lady wore a dress handmade and I believe the satin of the dress was from a bridesmaid’s dress from Alex’s wedding!

2016 . Guffey Family . -27

Now to Alex’s sweet baby bump…

2016 . Guffey Family . -74

Alex was obviously glowing, but the stunning sunrise behind her helped added to the glow.

2016 . Guffey Family . -782016 . Guffey Family . -83

These two just look at each other and start beaming. They have the most genuine smiles.

2016 . Guffey Family . -68

2016 . Guffey Family . -63

And because we know who is really in charge,  I will leave you with a few photos of the cutest little lady.

2016 . Guffey Family . -902016 . Guffey Family . -97


Favorite St. Louis Locations {Tips}


We love everything about St. Louis (minus the humidity!). Seriously, the lists could go forever: toasted ravs, a ton of FREE museums, Cardinal baseball, etc. And so we are blessed to have a ton of great locations to shoot at. Clients are always asking about our favorite spots, so here they are and we will share some of the things you will see.

Lettner Family -112

Kenney Maternity -12



  • Forest Park – Iconic spots, open fields, old trees, water options, classic buildings, contemporary buildings, flowers
  • Tower Grove Park – Classic brick building, ‘ruins’, water options, colorful buildings, old trees
  • Lafayette Park – Classic brick building, open fields, black iron fences, water options
  • Concordia Seminary – Classic brick building, old trees, courtyard with seating
  • Creve Coeur Lake – water options, wooded trails
  • Faust Park – Rustic houses, open fields, old trees
  • Malcom W. Martin Memorial Park – Iconic spot, water option
  • Carondolet Park – Classic brick buildings, water option
  • City Garden – Water options, Iconic spot, colorful scultpures

Mattson Extended Family -103

Josie 18 months -60



  • Jewel Box: Lush greenery, flowers, bright
  • City Museum: Classic brick, unique items, dark
  • Missouri History Museum: Contemporary building, bright
  • Ameristar Casino: Classic brick
  • Central Library: Classic building, Contemporary, bright, gold iron door

2016 . Jackie Headshots and Josie-36

2016 . Fuhrmann Family -43

If you know of any great places, let us know and we will work on updating our list!

Johnson Family {Lifestyle}

Johnson Family  . blog -32

When I tried to define what type of shoot this was, I struggled. Well, it’s a lifestyle and family and maternity and all the things. But that is what the Johnson family is. They are all the things. They are kind, patient, wise, and now about to add a new little one into their fold. So welcome to the Johnson Family + Lifestyle + Maternity shoot. I know you will love them as much as I do.

Johnson Family  . blog -10

When I arrived, I asked them, “What do you usually do on a Saturday morning?” Their response was, well, we like to read.

Johnson Family  . blog -19

Johnson Family  . blog -30

I love a family who has slow luxuriously lazy Saturday mornings. Just all cuddled up in a big bed and laughing together.

Johnson Family  . blog -37

And if you end up with a kiss, even better!

Johnson Family  . blog -102

I could not get enough of these two little kids and their personalities.

Johnson Family I am so thankful that I have seen your family grow from two to now five!

Johnson Family  . blog -33

Psalm 127: 3  Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him

Bender {Maternity} . Snowy Session at Carondelet Park

2016 . Bender Maternity -56


If I could describe Meagan in one word it would be fierce. Fiercely devoted to her family. Fiercely devoted to fitness (she was doing yoga and running throughout her entire pregnancy!) Fiercely focused on her dreams for the future (she is hoping to train for the OLYMPICS!). She is also very fashionable and has a fierce collection of shoes.

2016 . Bender Maternity -35

She loves shoes so much she had to rock some incredible booties for our session. Oh, and she did it all in a dress WITHOUT leggings or anything. She is incredible.

2016 . Bender Maternity -52

Meagan is an incredible mommy and we have had the honor of photographing her and her little one before!

2016 . Bender Maternity -3

Congratulations, dear Benders, on your new little babe!

2016 . Bender Maternity -21


Guffey Mini Sessions {Family} . Part 1

Amy Guffey Family -107
Sit back and get cozy. We had about 7 families for mini sessions this past fall so we are splitting them into multiple parts. Conveniently enough, these two families just happened to be related! The two handsome guys in the back are brothers.
Amy Guffey Family -87
These three kiddos were so much fun to chase around and they came up with fun poses (ie so many handstands!)
Amy Guffey Family -79
Amy Guffey Family -9
Have I ever mentioned that I love photographing beautiful red hair, and this little lady rocked it!
Amy Guffey Family -21
The second mini session featured a bit of a bump, a baby bump that is!
2015 . Alex Guffey Family-59
By the way, did you check out her perfectly chosen jewelry? I adore fashionable mommas!
2015 . Alex Guffey Family-35
2015 . Alex Guffey Family-25
Alex, you are going to be a wonderful mother. You sweetness and kindness will go far with your little one.
Thank you Guffey’s for enjoying the afternoon with us!
Amy Guffey Family -95


The Kenney’s {Maternity} . Lafayette Park

Kenney Maternity -111
The word gorgeous would be an understatement for this little momma-to-be! I get the honor to work beside her most days and Anna has become one of my closest friends. She and her dear husband Andrew are about to be first-time parents, and boy are they going to be amazing.
Kenney Maternity -12
Kenney Maternity -7

They love the look and feel of the Lafayette area. Oh you know the gorgeous architecture, and if I’m not misspoken I believe Andrew loves a little ice cream place close to the park.
Kenney Maternity -29
Anna works beside me in my day job and she brings laughter and brightness to our office and also to our friendship. I have not doubt that their little man will be loved. I imagine their little family shopping in farmers markets and making their favorite stop at the local Starbucks.
Kenney Maternity -37
Kenney Maternity -90
Anna and Andrew met at Butler University and they made sure that they incorporated a bit of their Alma Mater in the session.
Kenney Maternity -78
Kenney Maternity -72
Anna, dear, you are gorgeous on the outside (I mean who looks that ah-mazing at 7 months!), but I appreciate even more your sweet friendship over the past few years. You are going to be the best Mom!

Frank {Maternity} . Lafayette Park

I’m not sure there is any other family that I adore more than this one. I’ve learned so many lessons from these guys, everything from loving even when it is hard to where the best crab ragoon is in the city. Laura and Peter are incredible examples of how to be excellent parents, and good thing, because they are about to add one more! The sweet little lady will be here this August and I can’t wait to treat her to all the tea parties and pedicures she can handle.
Frank Maternity -109
Frank Maternity -120
That little man melts my heart!
Frank Maternity -97
I hope that one day I will look at incredibly beautiful as this Laura does pregnant! Not only is she gorgeous, but she is one of the most patient people I have ever met.
Frank Maternity -43
I can honestly say that the best photos are the ones not scripted. These two love to laugh!
Frank Maternity -49
I mentioned before that Laura and Peter are excellent parents. Peter is the first one to crawl on all fours (and I’m sure his 6 foot stature does not make that easy) to entertain his son. Laura is constantly adding education into everyday life. As we walked through the park you could hear her saying to her two-year old “now, which way should we turn, left or right?” And if a two-year old can figure out their left from right, perhaps they could help me out!
Frank Maternity -75
Thank you Frank Family for being incredible parents and we are SO excited for Little Lady Frank!
Frank Maternity -21

Buggy {Maternity}

You know those people that after you spent any amount of time with them you feel like a much better person? Those people where honesty, hospitality and kindness ooze out of every word? Well then you have met people much like Heather and Cory.
Buggy Maternity -1
When J and I were engaged and looking for a hairstylist for our wedding, he remembered that he went to high school with a girl named Heather. So he reached out to see if she was interested and we booked a trial run. A few years and many double dates with Heather and Cory later, we found out they were expecting! Heather and Cory have a beautiful love story of redemption and will be the most impeccable parents! I mean how cool is it that before Traeger is even born, they already have a holster and slingshot ready to go for him!
Buggy Maternity -15
Not only is their love the real deal, but they also enjoy a good surprise. In fact, our maternity session was a huge rouse to get Cory out to their surprise couple baby shower. However, we didn’t even know that we were the rouse until they got there! We are so excited to see these two raise a great little man!
Buggy Maternity -8