Asher {Newborn}

2018 . Asher Newborn . b-5

There is something special when first time clients become second, third, and hopefully life time clients. I met the Lainharts for the first time at their mini session this past fall when Nicole rocked some incredible high heels for their family and also mini maternity session. I knew I was going to like this family immediately, especially when their sweet girl Nyla started warming up to me. Finally Asher came into the world and boy was the entire family smitten.

2018 . Asher Newborn . b-38

2018 . Asher Newborn . b-29

2018 . Asher Newborn . b-24

Nyla for sure will be an incredible big sister. She was so attentive to her brothers needs and made sure that he was comfortable for his session.

2018 . Asher Newborn . b-88

This little family looked a bit more complete and cozy with this new addition.

2018 . Asher Newborn . b-44

2018 . Asher Newborn . b-51

2018 . Asher Newborn . b-57

Both mom and dad enjoyed a few uninterrupted cuddles with Asher – well as uninterrupted life with an excited big sister can be!

My favorite moment of the session was when Nyla went to her room to grab her camera. She brought it into the room and started to “help” me pose and guide the session. If I’m not available for your next session – I would recommend this sweet little lady!

2018 . Asher Newborn . b-92

Cherish your sweet moments with your little man.

2018 . Asher Newborn . b-101

2018 . Asher Newborn . b-99

2018 . Asher Newborn . b-9

The Crain {Family} 2016 + 2017


One of the greatest joys in being a photographer is seeing families grow. Photographing engagements, then weddings, and then babies (and sometimes multiple babies). I had the honor of photographing the Crains last year and then again this past December. However, there were some major changes in a year… and I believe you will love the change. I’ll give you a hint : he is a 10 lbs, adorable, and cuddly. Keep on scrolling to see!












2018 (and the big change):

Stunning Emily and strong Stephen became PARENTS! I loved that they continued the plaid trend and I even got a few baby snuggles in = Big Win!

2017 . Crain Family . -42

One thing I adore about these two is the ability to look so natural as a couple in front of a camera. I told them to go be cute, and this is what I got. Perfection.

2017 . Crain Family . -39

And this little guy is the big surprise…

2017 . Crain Family . -4

2017 . Crain Family . -8

2017 . Crain Family . -33

2017 . Crain Family . -74

2017 . Crain Family . -56

I was thankful to steal a few snuggles from this happy guy at our session. Seriously, babies are the best. Can I get an Amen?

2017 . Crain Family . -92

2017 . Crain Family . -100


Nolan {Newborn} . St. Peters

2017 . Nolan Newborn-168

I had the incredible privilege to photograph Nolan’s sister, Victoria, last year¬†and was excited when Amanda told me that she was pregnant again but this time with a boy!

2017 . Nolan Newborn-32

2017 . Nolan Newborn-19

While Miss Tori is still getting used to her new little brother it was great to see how much she has grown! Amanda and Ben are incredible parents that always have a project going on and still seem to keep life together- inspirations for sure!

One project that impressed me was Nolan’s nursery. Amanda said it was so last minute- but it looks anything but last-minute and is the perfect nursery for this little guy! And if you are wondering- yes, Ben made those!

2017 . Nolan Newborn-145

2017 . Nolan Newborn-156

Nolan sweetly slept through most of his session and was a champ!

2017 . Nolan Newborn-53

2017 . Nolan Newborn-63

2017 . Nolan Newborn-68

2017 . Nolan Newborn-82

Ok, we had a few yawns, and he even does that in the most adorable fashion.

2017 . Nolan Newborn-90

2017 . Nolan Newborn-121

2017 . Nolan Newborn-133

Congratulations Stokes Family on adding strong Nolan to your fold!

2017 . Nolan Newborn-49


Oliva {Newborn} . St. Louis

Olivia Newborn -85

Can a photo get any cuter? Seriously…… wait for it.

Olivia Newborn -87

Oh…. I can do better than that….

Olivia Newborn -94

Yes, that is the cutest baby butt bunny tail ever. That’s it, you can go home, you have seen the most adorable photo on the internet. In all seriousness, Miss Olivia rocked her newborn session. Her mom and dad were the sweetest and most patient ever- and she will have them wrapped around her little finger.

Olivia Newborn -67

I’m a sucker for anyone in a tutu, but a newborn- yes I was done, when Olivia came out in this one. Mommas- please feel free to put your newborns in all of the cutest little outfits. Yes, I know they grow out of them, but come on, they are so dang cute.

Olivia Newborn -59

Olivia Newborn -52

Olivia Newborn -41

There is such a special bond between daddy and daughter and photos like this remind me of this deep fierce love. Olivia looks so small in her daddy’s strong hands.

Olivia Newborn -20

Congrats you two on the birth of your first sweet little lady.


Siddens Twins {Newborn} . St. Louis

2017 . Siddens Twins . -21

If you want to see a calm, cool and collected set of parents it would be these two. Katie and Scott knew having twins was going to be an adventure and they handle every moment with grace and laughs.

2017 . Siddens Twins . -4

And Izzy and Bennet have the cutest nursery to grow up in! I mean all of that lovely light and fun colors!

2017 . Siddens Twins . -9

2017 . Siddens Twins . -7

2017 . Siddens Twins . -128

Yes, I believe that is immense pride beaming from Scott’s face.

2017 . Siddens Twins . -104

2017 . Siddens Twins . -112

2017 . Siddens Twins . -118

These two sweet ones will always have a person to lean on when times are hard and to celebrate when life is exciting. I mean look at this sweet connection.

2017 . Siddens Twins . -77

2017 . Siddens Twins . -84

2017 . Siddens Twins . -89

And now a family of four.

2017 . Siddens Twins . -134

2017 . Siddens Twins . -141

Hannah {Newborn}


There are few things I can resist more than those chunky cheeks and adorable toes on a newborn baby. And when we threw Miss Hannah in a ruffle bottom and a pink bow I could hardly handle the adorableness.



On this lovely Sunday morning, we headed outside to take some sweet family photos around the families beautiful back yard.



Being a brand new mom or dad brings on a ton of amazing new things, like sleepless nights and sweet baby cuddles. Seeing how each parent interacts with their new baby is part of the magic of newborn photos. The adoration and patience that each parent puts on as they delicately pick up their new daughter or son is exactly what I hope to capture.



Parents have many new decisions to make. Decisions like cloth or regular diapers? Breastfeed or formula? Know the gender or be surprised? One decision that I enjoy is when there aren’t all gender specific clothing. Don’t get me wrong, as noted before, I’m a sucker for a pink ruffle bottom and bow, but there is something sweet about simple.



Be looking Hannah as she grows!

Victoria {Newborn}

Victoria Newborn -67

This sweet little girl is bound to be a princess. When first walking into her spectacularly decorated nursery – which was full of everything pink and girly – I knew that she was so incredibly loved.

Victoria Newborn -101

And while it looks like she dozed through her entire session, that was not the case. Like a true princess she hated not being part of the fun and tried her hardest to avoid sleep.

Victoria Newborn -28

I mean looks at those cute bitty toes!

Victoria Newborn -36

Victoria Newborn -43

Victoria Newborn -48

Victoria – who is affectionately nicknamed Tori- has the best set of parents and some pretty spectacular siblings. I mean look at all of that love – and couldn’t forget that splash of pink!

Victoria Newborn -14

Some of my favorite photos to take are individual parents with their new bundle of joy. Seeing a mom’s soft touch with her new babe and a father’s pride burst through his smile and eyes is such an honor to be part of.

Victoria Newborn -26

Victoria Newborn -91

Thank you Stokes Family for letting me capture your beautiful little lady!

Skylar {Newborn}

Skylar Newborn . blog -45

This darling little lady refused to get cuddly and sleep during her newborn photos so get ready for a ton of bright-eyed baby faces!

Skylar Newborn . blog -31

Sweet Skylar is now part of a great sorority of little sisters. A sister is a permanent best friend, yes, you might be vastly different but you will share multiple experiences that will bond you like none other. And Maddie is a great big sister. You can see more of her adorable personality here and here.

Skylar Newborn . blog -87

Mom and dad are obviously smitten. Despite the sleepless nights and smelly diapers these two have huge smiles when talking about their two girls. And Skylar might end up being a daddy’s girl.

Skylar Newborn . blog -80

Once in a while we get the opportunity to snap our camera at the perfect time to capture something rare and potentially hilarious. And Skylar, you did not disappoint. I guess she was just done with her photoshoot!

Skylar Newborn . blog -15

In honor of Skylar, have a flipping good day!


Livia + The Fuhrmann {Family}

I believe that there are three types of family: biological, close friends, and your church. I am amazed how the church family tends to come together in times of service and celebration. You might remember this new momma at the shower I photographed a few months ago.



Livia . One Month . BW078


That’s right, Miss Livia is here and is already one month old!

Family 029

Family 035


And Livia has the sweetest, most loving parents.

Family 062

Livia . One Month . BW074

We wish you the best, lovely Livia!

Livia . One Month . BW073